About Osmosoft

Osmosoft is a team of UX designers, developers and consultants who work at BT. We share a vision of solutions that start and end with the user. Less ego and more collaboration. Less rigidity and more innovation. Outcomes over outputs. Web technology, Open development, Lean agility, Constructive disruption and Continuous learning. Do these things and excellence will happen more often than not. Or at least that's what we think.

Things We're Good At


User Experience

  • User Validation / Interviews
  • Persona Design
  • Information Architecture

Lean - Agile

  • Paper Prototyping
  • Iteractive Interactive Prototyping
  • Hi-Res Interactive Design


  • HTML5 / CSS3/ JavaScript/ Java
  • Node / Bootstrap
  • Content Management
  • Web Services

What we think

Who we are

How we work

Getting out of the business of delivering outputs, and into the business of delivering outcomes, by using a blend of methodologies and best practices that support the creation of solutions that are valued by the end users and that bring benefit to our customer.

Some things we've done

Some tools we use